Saturday, March 5, 2016

2016 7DRL - Start!

A cup of coffee, a donut and a weekend free to focus on game development...

I am excited to be starting my third 7 day Roguelike challenge. I am nervous about finishing my idea this year. Last year I didn't make it within the seven days. I am hoping that I can finish this year. I think my scope is a bit high for me primarily because I have some art requirements to complete my project this year which could take up more time that I anticipate.

My idea this year is to make a Beat Em Up into a Roguelike. It will be turn based and tactical. You will face waves of weak enemies which you generally punch and kick into submission. I am hoping to have some special moves, knockdowns, throws and maybe weapons like a bat or trashcan. First I need a few guys walking around a map so I'll start there.

My pixel art skills are in the programmer art realm but I feel you need graphics for a Beat Em Up. That was one of the defining things about the genre. Here is the concept art I put together:

If my final game looks anything like this and has the items I want to include, I will be surprised. This gives me a starting point though.