Tuesday, March 10, 2015

2015 7DRL - Day 3

Slow going so far...

I am making progress but things are not going as well as expected. I am running into a lot of issues that I spend time on instead of working on features. It seems like a lot of them are due to using the Entity system. I thought I had gotten enough experience with it to have it work fine. That isn't panning out. I have had a lot of game breaking bugs.

I spent several hours on day 2 trying to get AI working how I want it to but ultimately having to bail on the idea that the AI programs its instructions in advance like the player. It wasn't smart enough to plan five moves ahead. I had more ideas today about how to do it so maybe I will come back to it. I am very new to AI, path finding, etc. so I am learning many things which is fun!

I do have a working dungeon where you can move around. There is a basic enemy that you can bump to kill. I have some lasers that damage and conveyor belts that push. I can fill all my rooms with the above. I have a UI that allows you to see your instructions as you program them. I guess those are the blessings that I can count for now.

I am trying to decide if I stick to the racing motif or move another direction. My best alternative idea so far (to me) is to go toward a dungeon crawl where you program your robot in advance but you can predict most of how the environment responds. You are relatively weak so its essential to use the dangerous environment to fight enemies. This keeps with the main idea of having to plan multiple moves ahead.

Day 3:

Day 1:

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