Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day Zero - Third Planet

I started this blog to document my experience with the 2014 7 day roguelike challenge ( This is my first attempt at making a complete game. I have read many books on the topic. I have experimented with code on countless occasions. I have tried to rope my friends into making a game. However, I have never just sat down and made a complete one on my own.

I first heard about the 7DRL challenge on Roguelike Radio right after the 2013 event. A new crop of them had just been finished and I learned about all of the interesting games people were able to make in just one week. I knew then that I wanted to try it out this year.

I am working out the details for my game. The working title is Third Planet. It will be about a colony ship that is returning home to find its origins. The player will pilot a smaller ship that is used to gather information and resources that are needed to find the way back to the third planet. They will also protect the ship from alien races that are determined to stop them from reaching home.

I decided to make my game in Java using libGDX. I have been experimenting with it and find it to be a very useful framework. I have been able to make some basic sprites moving around on the screen. I am not confident how far that will get me into completing a full game because there is so much more that is required. That is what I am here to find out.

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